Gas Grills vs. Charcoal BBQ Grills

Since ages there has been a debate about which type of barbeque grill is better, whether charcoal or gas. This debate has started from the time since the first barbeque grill got introduced in the market, this certainly means many years back from now.

There are many differences between gas and charcoal grills. The first difference is that a gas grill can be set up very quickly as compared to charcoal grill which requires effort to light up and you have to wait for the charcoals to get ashy. The second difference is that using gas grills wouldn’t create any mess, while dealing with charcoal would get you all dirty. In contrast, barbeque grill gets you a smoky aroma that a gas grill wouldn’t. So you will have to decide which factor holds more importance to you when deciding which type of grill to buy. If you are looking for a grill with more convenience then you must go for a gas grill whereas if you want a grill that gives you cooked food the perfect barbeque aroma then go for a charcoal grill.

The gas used in gas grills is stored in tanks or bottles and it can be used at places where gas supply is not available, making the gas grill portable. All you have to do is connect the tank to the grill using the provided equipment, and the grill is ready to be used. Now just open the vent and switch on the burners to set the required temperature.

Don’t forget to take safety measures while using a gas barbeque grill; don’t lean over the grate and never try to use it as a heater to keep you warm.

It is not very difficult to maintain your gas grill if you want it to work at its maximum efficiency, just clean the grilling panel and remove the accumulated fat from the bottom of the tray. See, that’s not really hard to do, isn’t it?

The sizes of both, gas and charcoal grills varies. From small portable grills to some serious aggregates, you can find them all in the market. The small sized grills work for outdoor barbeques while others are made to prepare food for a big crowd. The stationary grill comes with its own advantages, the space beneath the grill serves as a store, and you could keep the gas tanks or the plates and glasses in it for use when needed. Furthermore, this type of grill includes three main burners, each with different setting of low, medium and high. These different levels of temperature settings give you higher level of control in the process of cooking.

There are many choices available for you in the market out there, don’t just get into the debate of whether the charcoal grill is better or the gas one, choose the one which you think is the best for you!